Rooney's Boxing Gym White Collar Fight Night

Join us starting on the 3rd Jan 2017 for an intensive 11 week white collar training course in Rooney’s Boxing Gym.

Our commitment: 1 white collar and 1 fitness class a week. 2 (2 person) PT sessions

Your commitment:

Option 1: £300 (refunded on ticket sales). 11 week Training. Selling 30 tickets each

Option 2: £600 no refund, sell as many tickets as you want

Fight Night 16th March

Mercato Metropolitano

This event is to showcase several 'White Collar' boxing matches throughout the evening in various weight levels. 


History of White Collar Boxing

White Collar Boxing originated in the legendary Gleason's gym in New York in 1988. The first contest was held between Dr. Richard Novak an attorney and Dr. David Lawrence who held a Phd. in English Literature.

After the contest the two Gentlemen went to dinner to celebrate the birth of a new sport. Since then White Collar Boxing has been the fastest growing corporate contact sport in the world.

John Rooney Jnr. then owner and operator of the Gleason's Gym UK franchise introduced White Collar Boxing to the City of London in 2003.  There are White Collar Boxing Training classes now running in Rooney's Boxing Gym on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Book in and learn to box or prepare for an upcoming event. 


To sign up please call or email us