We think the best way  to book and browse classes, 1-2-1 sessions, buy memberships and view trainers is through the Rooney's Boxing Gym App, but you can of course use our website too.



Click on the Classes option below and you'll  be taken to our classes booking page. View the available classes and select the one you would like to attend. Follow the instructions to book. Your place in the class is then confirmed. It's that simple!  We have beginners, mixed level and extreme boxing fitness classes.

Personal Training

Click on the Appointments option below and you'll will be taken to our personal training booking page. Our personal trainers are also coaching amateur and professional boxers, so you will know exactly what it feels like to train like a boxer. Choose the trainer you want to work with, from the time slots available, select when you want to train.  


Click on the Memberships option below and you'll be taken to our pay as you train and membership options.  Select the best fit for you. Follow the instructions to pay and then confirm your purchase. Welcome to Rooney's Boxing Gym!

By the way: when you register, we securely store your contact and payment details, so you only need to give us this information once.